The central place of property in the Romanian law

The property is one of the most active motivators for people. Acquiring property is a serious reason for waking up in the morning. Property rewards people`s wish to rule, and since the mastery of people was forbidden, property over things remained the primary route.

Property and other real rights have a central position as regards the legislator’s concern to ensure an optimal framework for relations between people in what concerns things. Because laws are essentially incomplete, to the variety of social situations to be caught in their content, and also because ownership and other real rights represent an area of ​​interest for everyone, legal doctrine in the property matter has enjoyed the contribution of some of the strongest legal minds. Analysis regarding property enjoys the cooperation of the most esteemed law professors.

I have read the piece of work Civil law. The principal real rights, written by Ph. D. professor Corneliu Bîrsan (published by Hamangiu publishing in january 2013). I read it more slowly than usually, because I read it not only to update the matter, but also to enjoy the way it is written. I think is worth to point out the very detailed analysis of the concepts, with identifying and solving problems of interpretation that the new Civil Code regulations brought. The professor approaches the legal institutions with a certain wisdom and warmth, that betrays not only a comprehensive and constructive mind, but also the concern to honestly address problems, without avoiding them,  showing weakness of legal regulations and also inherent boundaries of a sensitive field.

If you are interested in solutions, you will find in this piece of work more than you would normally expect. If you like law, is a book to read at leisure, line by line.


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