Government Ordinance regarding implementation of financial measures

In the Official Gazzete of Romania, part. I, no. 33 of January 15th 2013 was published the Government Ordinance no. 2/2013 regarding implementation of financial measures.
The ordinance modifies the maximum number of positions in the dignitary office, as follows:
– Deputy minister with potfolio, state minister- 12 positions;
– Deputy minister without portfolio- 8 positions;
– Minister, delegated minister, general secretary of the Government, head of the Prime- Minister Office- 8 positions;
– Deputy General Secretary, state secretary and and his assimilated in the Ministry, the General Secretary of Government, the Department for relation with the Parliament and the Departement for infrastructure and foreign investments- 4 positions;
– Head of agency of central administration, with statute of state secretary- 3 positions;
The Ordinance modifies the organisation of ANAF, the National Agency for Fiscal Administration being now runned by a president with statute of state secretary, assisted by 3 vice presidents with statute of deputy state secretary. The vice presidents have attributions delegated by the President of the Agency. The head of the National Customs Authority has a statute of deputy state secretary and is also a vice president of ANAF.

>> The source: JURIDICE.ro

Madalina Ramona MUNTEANU

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