Changes to the tax legislation in early 2013

The beginning of the New Year is marked by several legislative changes, particularly in respect to the content of Forms and the manner in which such Forms regarding tax obligations should be filled in, as well as to local taxes.

Monitorul Oficial al Romaniei No 887 / 27 December 2012 has published Order No 1950 / 13 December 2012 of the President of the National Tax Administration Agency, approving the model and content of Forms used for self assessment tax returns.

The Order amends the Forms and filling-in instructions for the following tax returns:

  • Form 100 referring to payments to the State Treasury;  
  • Form 101 containing the profit tax return;
  • Form 104 related to the distribution of income and expenditure to shareholders;
  • Form 120 containing the excise tax return;
  • Form 130 related to the tax on domestic crude oil production.

The new Forms 100 and 104 shall be used for the declaration of taxes which should be paid starting 1 January 2013 so as to finalise the 2012 profit tax return resulting from joint venture activities, as well as for the declaration of royalties resulting from concession, lease and other such agreements related to agricultural land use, which become due and payable from the fourth quarter of 2012.  Forms 101, 120 and 130 shall be used for the declaration of 2012 payment obligations.

Monitorul Oficial No 898 / 28 December 2012 has published Government Resolution No 1309 / 27 December 2012, regarding tax brackets, local and other similar taxes, as well as the fines applicable in 2013.

The Resolution amends the highest local tax bracket for 2013, as well as the fines to be applied by the local tax administrations.

These provisions have come into full force on 28 December 2012 (date of their publication in Monitorul Oficial).

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