Too many people

There is a sad relation between certain force-ideas of our world: complexity, learning all your life and decreasing the number of people.

The increasing complexity of legal regulations is somehow made to justify the imperative of the European Union of learning all life long. In business world and, especially, between the relations with the State bodies, it seems like we are at an intelligence contest: if you are not smart, prompt and constant enough, you pay for incompetence, delay and negligence (here is an example).

From where do you pay? From you or from others. For certain someone is paying for incompetence: being the incompetent himself, being his close-ones. Sooner or later, the lack of incompetence, the incapacity of being “up-to-date” is launching the next effect: the elimination from the active people and passing to the assisted people list.

The active people have limited possibilities to support the others, and less and less availability to do this. The year 2013 is two times with bad luck: on the one side the intelligence and the efficiency are more and more important, and on the other side the tolerance regarding the lack of the characteristics is decreasing.

I think that the next years will be like 2 13, two times bad luck.


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