Statute regarding the procedure of penalities against acts of unfair competition

The Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 818 of the 5th December 2012 has published the Order of the President of Competition Council no. 1098/2012 on application of the Statute regarding the procedure of identification and amercing of unfair competition.

The Statute establishes the Competition Council`s procedure regarding stages and methods of identification and amercing of unfair competition in the light of Law no. 11/1991. The Statute punishes acts of unfair competition committed by natural persons or legal entities, Romanians or foreigners, inside the territory of Romania.

According to Law no. 22/1991, offences are acknowledged by the fact-finder agents empowered by the Competition Council, who may also impose a penalty, but only at the prior complaint of the damaged party, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry or ex officio.

The result of the research regarding facts found will be recorded in the official report approved by the hierarchical superior of the personnel and by the member of the Competition Council`s Plenary assigned to coordonate the activity in the field of unfair competition.
Competition inspectors, as part of the empowered personnel assigned to make the statement of facts, are in charge of finding and amercing offences.

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Madalina Ramona MUNTEANU