Companies will have to hire private security in harsher conditions

The Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs initiated a new way of taxing the economical operators: the development of security of the physical risk in the units subject to Law no. 333/2003. A wide range of companies will have to pay evaluation experts and spend significant amounts of money to meet the new guidelines. This risk assesment means that all private firms, from hostels to boutique shops may end up with the obligation to contract security guard services, which means additional costs that are unnecessary in most cases and should remain an option for the companies that are not obliged by law, as mentioned in a statement of the Federation of Tourism and Services Employers (FTPS).

FTPS believes that “we can not transform private companies into bunkers, we can not employ and army of bodyguard to guard every corner of a restaurant. Ultimately, excepting special situations, social order should be the responsibility of state institutions. The obligation for companies to contract private security throws MAI into a bad light, as long as taxpayers expect the state to ensure public safety and for it not to be privatized and outsourced to security companies. In addition, the  firms are still charged fees and taxes more than in any other European country. The emerge of new taxation forms and mandatory additional costs will have unintended economic consequences.”

>> The source: JURIDICE.ro


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