Methodology for entering studies for foreign citizens from outside the EU

The Official Gazette of Romania, Part. I, no. 722 of the 24th of October 2012 has published the Order of the Minister of Education, Research Youth and Sport no. 6000/2012 approving the methodology for receiving in the educational public and private accredited sistem foreigners from other states than EU member states.

According to the methodology citizens of other states outside the EU may enter into the national education sistem, They will be enrolled in the undergraduate and postgraduate education only after the completion of the preparatory year or on the presentation of the certificate attesting romanian language knowledge.

During the preparatory year these people shall acquire the neccesary knowledge of the Romanian language, as well as specific knowledge correlated with future profile preparation(anatomy, phisics, chemistry, drawing,etc) if the curriculum is organized in Romanian.

Accredited study programs in which teaching takes place in foreign languaes, the higher education institution shall organize a welcoming foreign language test.  The countries where English is the official language and is also used in the educational system and those who have internationally recognized language certificates are exempt from this test.

The methodology includes detailed provisions relating to:

– enrollment in undergraduate education;

– cycle I-enrollment in undergraduate studies;

– cycle II-enrollment in master studies;

– cycle III- doctoral studies;

– enrolling in postgraduate medicinal studies (residency)

– organization and performance of the grant-based studies according to the provisions of GD no. 288/1993 regarding the schooling in Romania of citizens of other countries and the National Education Law no.1/2011.

>> The source: JURIDICE.ro


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