Buju Stanciu & Asociații launches Lawren.ai, Romania’s First AI-Powered Legal Virtual Assistant

Buju Stanciu & Asociații is proud to announce the launch of Lawren.ai, an innovative virtual assistant that transforms how people interact with the law. Trained in Romanian law and jurisprudence, Lawren.ai provides instant access to intricate legal information, explaining legal reasoning and processes in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Available directly on the website and equipped with artificial intelligence, Lawren.ai answers legal questions and guides users through the Romanian legal framework.

“We have created Lawren.ai to address a real need for fast, affordable access to quality legal information. In the past, legal technology was limited to simple databases, useful but insufficient to clarify the complex issues people face. We wanted to change that, which is why we created Lawren.ai.”, says Victor Buju, founder of Buju Stanciu & Asociații.

Following an initial investment of over €200,000 and developed by a team of legal and technology experts, Lawren.ai aims to make the law easier to understand, support legal education and revolutionize legal services. The chatbot envisions a future where anybody can access the law, regardless of their background, whether they are entrepreneurs, legal professionals, or just someone searching for a quick response to a legal query.

Lawren.ai uses a proprietary infrastructure that leverages state-of-the-art Large Language Models (LLMs) and allows the integration of additional tools such as vector databases, advanced web search and artificial intelligence. Part of the training process was also analyzing lawyers’ cognitive processes, identifying circuits and patterns, followed by their implementation in coding formulas. Lawren.ai was also trained on legal tests and grids, receiving feedback from legal specialists for continuous improvement of applied reasoning and accuracy of answers.

Lawren.ai’s technological innovation is to create a robust legal database structured to quickly identify relevant legal branches based on keywords in user queries. By using expert-approved resource lists and a proprietary legal testing framework, the chatbot aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

“Our passion for technology and desire to bring innovation to a conservative field motivated us to create Lawren.ai. We noticed how people were increasingly using technology in their daily lives and realized that the same could happen in the legal field. Lawren.ai is a tool that can change the way people interact with the law. We are proud to pioneer this digital transformation of the legal field.”, adds Cătălina Popescu, CEO of Lawren.ai.

Lawren.ai benefits from the experience and academic achievements of the development team, led by Cătălina Popescu (graduate of Imperial College of London), Alexandru Murtaza (international Olympian in computer science and graduate of the Politehnica faculty in Bucharest) and Paul Gabriel Muscă (graduate of Cambridge University). The team points out that Lawren.ai is in a test (beta) version, which aims to understand the public’s interaction with the chatbot and deduce users’ needs. At the same time, the team promises new development directions to facilitate the encounter between law and artificial intelligence.

About Buju Stanciu & Asociații

Buju Stanciu & Asociații was founded in 2021 by Victor Buju and Marius Stanciu, who previously worked in one of Romania’s biggest law firms. The firm provides legal advice both in traditional areas such as corporate law, intellectual property and litigation, as well as in innovative sectors such as emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence and blockchain. Buju Stanciu & Asociații aims to become a true laboratory of innovation, by integrating the traditional skills of their lawyers with state-of-the-art technological solutions in order to deliver efficient and high-quality legal services.