Alpha Bank Romania adds a new feature to the Dana virtual assistant for individual customers

Alpha Bank Romania announces a new functionality added to the virtual assistant Dana, with direct benefits for individual customers. In addition to voice services, Dana will also offer automated customer support services, allowing customers to interact with the bank quickly to perform certain self-service requests.

With the development of the Dana virtual assistant, with automated services available 24/7, both on the phone and in chat on the bank’s website (, Alpha Bank continues to reinforce its commitment to innovation and improving the customer experience. Dana will continue to provide quick access to personalised information without human operator involvement and is available to individual customers who want to perform simple and common transactions such as balance inquiries, find out their IBAN account, manage their security devices or obtain information about banking products and services they own.

 “The development plan for the digital support area involves adding more services that allow customers direct access to the information they want, with no waiting time for a human operator to pick it up. Today we are able to offer our customers a new way of interacting with the bank. After more than 200,000 calls handled since launch, Dana’s virtual assistant will now be able to process even more support requests via webchat. A natural step that reflects our desire to offer modern, efficient banking services tailored to the current needs of our customers. At the same time, we will continue to offer operator-assisted support services, especially in situations where human interaction creates added value (advice, personalised needs, complex situations, etc.),” said Eliza Erhan, Head of Contact Centre Services, Digital Banking and Alternative Channels.

Dana is available for online interactions on the bank’s webchat platform and will be accessible to individual customers who have an Alpha bank account. In addition, Alpha Bank aims to expand the functionality of the Virtual Assistant in the future to cover other needs and requirements of its customers.

The new service offered by Alpha Bank Romania can be accessed directly from the bank’s website, in the Support section:

About Alpha Bank Romania

Alpha Bank Romania is a member of the Alpha Bank Group, one of the largest banking and financial groups in Greece. It has a branch in Luxemburg and subsidiaries in London  England, Cyprus and Romania.

Alpha Bank Romania ranks among the top 10 banks in the country, with universal banking operations. The Bank has had a national presence of 30 years, offering a wide range of modern services and products for individuals, SMEs and the corporate segment. It is one of the financial institutions that have innovated the banking sector in Romania, being the first bank to launch an application that transforms an Android mobile device into a POS terminal. It was also the first bank in Romania to issue covered bonds in 2019 and the first in the market to introduce housing loans. For more information: