Vatis Tech Embarks on a New Era: Introducing V7 Transcription Model

Our dear partner Vatis Tech is always on the frontier of technological advancements, striving for excellence and innovation.

They announce a significant milestone in their journey: the launch of V7 transcription model. This new iteration marks a leap forward in their commitment to delivering exceptional transcription accuracy and quality, particularly for the Romanian language model.

‍V7’s Groundbreaking Improvements

With over 2000 hours of training data, the V7 model sets a new standard for accuracy and performance. ‍

Overall accuracy: Pushing the technology to new limits, Version 7 maintains an overall accuracy level of over 95%, improving the accuracy of the model across all types of audio content.

Phone Calls: Particular attention has been paid to the transcription of telephone calls, where Version 7 shows a remarkable improvement, achieving an accuracy of 94.41%. This improvement of approximately 7% compared to Version 6 underlines our commitment to supporting clear and accurate communication.

Medical and Legal Transcription: In a significant leap forward, the Version 7 model dramatically improves transcription accuracy for medical and legal audio. With an accuracy rate of 95.08%, it represents a 38% improvement over the accuracy of Version 6. This advancement is a testament to our commitment to supporting healthcare and legal professionals with reliable transcription services.

We invite you to experience the enhanced capabilities of Vatis Tech V7 model. Your feedback and insights are invaluable to our partners.