ensures full territorial legal coverage in Western Romania through collaboration with Doseanu & Associates team, the first digital platform for collaboration with a lawyer and one of the few digital legal entrepreneurship projects in Romania, is consolidating its presence and expertise in the western region of the country by enrolling 12 lawyers from the Bihor Bar Association and collaborators of the law firm Doseanu & Associates in February. This law firm is one of the largest in the Western region of the country

Developed and implemented by lawyer Bogdan Ilie and his colleagues from the Dumitrescu Ilie & Associates team, lawyers with over 15 years of experience in law and legal services, the platform was launched in early 2023 with the aim of streamlining the client-lawyer relationship by facilitating remote collaboration.

From the first year of operation, we aimed to continuously expand the base of collaborating lawyers, bringing together dozens of lawyers nationwide to ensure presence in every geographical area of the country, even though the main objective of the platform is remote collaboration. Expanding the base of lawyers, as well as the expertise and legal services we cover, remain important objectives in 2024. These are the directions we focus on and build our development strategy“, says Bogdan Ilie, lawyer and founder of

Therefore, in the first year of operation, the platform includes lawyers specializing in most types of legal services, including Corporate Law, Public Procurement Law, Labour Law, Family Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, and Business Criminal Law, and it supports the entire collaboration process with them, from exchanging offers and contracts to managing documents for a lawsuit. currently covers Bucharest, Ilfov, Brasov, Pitesti, Targu-Mures, Craiova, Timisoara, Cluj, Constanta, and Oradea, with plans to expand to other areas such as Iasi, Baia Mare, and Arad in the near future.

New Law enrolls 12 lawyers from the law firm „Doseanu & Asociates”.

In February, 12 collaborating lawyers from the law firm “Doseanu & Associates” join the team. This strategic expansion of the base of collaborating lawyers strengthens both’s ability to offer legal services in almost all areas to clients in the western region of the country and its position as a reference partner in the field of digital legal services.

Covering the western region is a strategic objective, very important for us, as it is one of the most important regions nationally. The new enrolled lawyers bring with them experience and expertise in almost all legal fields, and the mix of competencies, supplemented by the platform’s facilities, currently covers all possible legal requests and cases. Like all our collaborators, the Doseanu & Associates team has undergone a rigorous onboarding process, and we work closely to ensure that the legal service delivered is at a high level of professionalism“, adds Bogdan Ilie.

For both clients and lawyers, the use of the platform is free. Clients exclusively pay for the legal services they benefit from, while collaborating lawyers receive a percentage of the fee requested and paid by clients, covering the active support provided by the partner lawyer team of the platform.

The platform connects lawyers with a diverse community of individuals and companies in need of legal assistance. Additional income source, access to a vast client base, or building a solid reputation – these are practically the advantages for which lawyers enroll and use the platform“, concludes Bogdan Ilie.

About is the first digital platform for collaboration with a lawyer and one of the few digital legal entrepreneurship projects in Romania.

Applying the principles of NewLaw philosophy involves using technology to streamline the relationship between lawyer and client. The platform is a bridge between client and lawyer, regardless of their location in Romania. Collaborating lawyers are carefully selected, experienced lawyers capable of combining legal knowledge with business practice and benefit from the ongoing support of the NDI Law team to resolve legal situations raised by clients.