War in Ukraine: the General Court confirms that the funds of Dmitry Arkadievich Mazepin must remain frozen

Dmitry Arkadievich Mazepin is a businessperson of Russian nationality. He is the owner and CEO of Uralchem, a Russian manufacturer of a wide range of chemical products. That company holds itself out as being the largest producer of ammonium nitrate in Russia as well as the second-largest producer of ammonia and nitrogen fertilisers.

In February 2022, in the aftermath of the initial stages of Russian aggression against Ukraine, Dmitry Arkadievich Mazepin and 36 other businesspersons attended a meeting with President Putin and other members of the Russian government. They discussed the impact of the course of action in the wake of Western sanctions against Russia.

For the European Union, that fact that Dmitry Arkadievich Mazepin was invited to that meeting, alongside other evidence in its file relating to him, shows that he is a member of the closest circle of President Putin, that he is a leading businessperson and that he supports or implements policies which threaten Ukraine. The Council of the European Union decided to impose the following sanctions on him: all his funds and economic resources within the Union are frozen and he is prohibited from entering into or transiting through the territories of the Member States.[1]

Dmitry Arkadievich Mazepin has challenged the Council’s decision before the General Court.

However, the General Court rejects the arguments put forward by Dmitry Arkadievich Mazepin.

The Council provided a proper statement of reasons for its decision. Dmitry Arkadievich Mazepin had access to the evidence in the file relating to him, which easily allowed him to understand the allegations made against him and to defend himself.

The Council has adduced a set of sufficiently specific, precise and consistent indicia capable of demonstrating that Dmitry Arkadievich Mazepin is a leading businessperson involved in a sector providing a substantial source of revenue to the Russian Government. Consequently, the sanctions imposed on Dmitry Arkadievich Mazepin are such as to increase the costs of Russia’s actions in Ukraine. They therefore respond to the Council’s desire to exert pressure on the Russian authorities to put an end to their actions and policies destabilising Ukraine.

The full text and, where appropriate, a résumé of the judgment are published on the CURIA website on the day of delivery.

[1] Council Decision (CFSP) 2022/397 of 9 March 2022 amending Decision 2014/145/CFSP concerning restrictive measures in respect of actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine; Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2022/396 of March 2022 implementing Regulation (EU) No 269/2014 concerning restrictive measures in respect of actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.

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