CJEU. Open Day. Virtual Guided Tours / Tuesday, 9 May 2023

As part of the Open Day of the Court of Justice of the European Union, which will take place on 9 May at the Court in Luxembourg, virtual visits will also be offered this year to those unable to travel to Luxembourg.

Each virtual visit will last approximately 45 minutes and will take place in two parts:
1. firstly, a virtual guided tour of the buildings, during which a member of the Court’s staff will explain the mission and activity of this European institution, and then
2. a question and answer session.

The stages of the virtual visit will be identical to a physical guided tour.

We propose three times:
— 2.30 pm for a visit in French,
— 3.30 pm for a visit in English and
— 4.30 pm for a visit in German.

No prior registration is required to participate in these visits, which will be accessible via this link:

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