Romanian Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitization and Alpha Bank’s Management met to discuss the digital transformation of Greece and Romania

The Romanian Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitalization, Sebastian Burduja with his staff and Alpha Bank’s Management, under the Group CEO Vassilios Psaltis, held a meeting on Thursday, October 6, in Athens at the HQ of Alpha Bank, where they discussed the crucial role that RRF’s funds and the banking system should play in the digital transformation of Greece and Romania, as well as Alpha Bank’s commitment to support the Romanian economy through its subsidiary, Alpha Bank Romania.

The Bank’s Executive Committee members, Spyros Filaretos, General Manager of Growth and Innovation, Lazaros Papagaryfallou, CFO, Stefanos Mytilineos, COO, and Sergiu Oprescu, General Manager of International Network, also attended the meeting, while Mr. Burduja was accompanied by the Ministry’s Undersecretary of State, Mr. Eduard Mititelu and the Minister’s advisor, Mr. Ioan Istrate.

Mr. Burduja and the Bank’s Management focused on the opportunities that are opening up in the two countries for significant investments in the digital sector, thanks to the funds released by the RRF. The two sides further discussed the broader points of convergence between the two countries’ digital transformation goals. Participants also exchanged views on the key contribution of the banking sector in accelerating digitization. Finally, Mr. Burduja and Mr. Psaltis highlighted that digital transformation comes with great benefits for both the economy and the citizens, with Greece and the Greek banking system being a case in point.

The meeting confirmed the Group’s commitment to the Romanian market, through its subsidiary, Alpha Bank Romania, and the efficient use of international synergies. Alpha Bank’s Management further emphasized that the Bank is ready and well equipped with capital and expertise, to finance the Romanian economy, contributing to the modernization and strengthening the competitiveness of its businesses.

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