act Botezatu Estrade Partners promotes Andrei Croitoru to Counsel

Andrei Croitoru has quickly become a name to note in the field of criminal law. His promotion to Counsel was, as such, a natural step forward.

Stefan Botezatu: “Andrei has contributed considerably to the development of White Collar Crime practice and Business Development of the Firm. Not only does he show great dedication to clients, but he also publishes articles on topics of interest and participates as speaker in criminal law conferences.
His confidence and hands-on approach brought him the trust and appreciation of the clients, standing out visibly in the market as a top-notch white collar crime lawyer.”

Andrei is specialized in White Collar Crime matters, with a wealth of experience in advising and representing major domestic and international corporations in relation to corruption and organized crime, money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, work-related criminal offences, industrial and occupational accidents.

His practice in this area includes legal representation during the trial stage, as well as in front the prosecution bodies, including in cases that involve detainment and requests for enforcement of European arrest warrants.

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