British Law Centre – Diploma in English Law & Legal Skills (2022-2023)

The Diploma in English Law & Legal Skills (“DELLS”) commences in October 2022 and last until June 2023 (click here for further information).

Recruitment has begun to the Diploma in English Law and Practical Legal Skills (DELLS), organised and taught by Juris Angliae Scientia (JAS) and the British Law Centre (BLC). It’s members include Lord Carnwath of the UK’s Supreme Court, academic staff of Cambridge University Law Faculty and other distinguished members of the judiciary and academia.

The Diploma is taught at Bucharest University during 8 monthly (weekend) teaching visits between November-June. Each visit lasts for 4 hours and is delivered in an interactive and practical manner by experienced British lawyers and academics. Additional contact time with the teaching team, plus additional lectures, written and video materials are available via a dedicated website.

The Diploma teaches core aspects of English law (inc. constitutional law, contract law, torts and trusts) and uses practical exercises to help students develop a portfolio of practical legal skills (inc. legal writing, litigation strategy, oral and written advocacy, contract negotiations/drafting etc.).

The Diploma is designed for law students or anyone wishing to broaden their horizons and improve their English language, whilst learning substantive law and practical legal skills.

If you are unable to attend the info/Q&A session, you can still visit the Diploma website for further details or to contact the organisers. You may also like to visit the BLC’s Facebook page.

:: Youtube video about Diploma

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