Pro bono legal help for ukrainian refugees in different countries

In response to the situation in Ukraine, Czech lawyers at Holubova Law firm and AgiLawyer s.r.o. have established UA.SUPPORT – Linking help, a platform that links Ukrainian refugees requesting legal help in different countries with volunteer lawyers who joined the platform in order to help them pro bono. The service is provided together with many volunteer lawyers across 20 countries who have joined the project in just over a month. The project is officially recognized or supported by several lawyer’s bar associations and is entirely funded through donations to the independent non-profit NGO AgiLawyer Society z.s.

They are in need for Romanian lawyers right now because we started to receive a lot of requests from Romania.
They would welcome any volunteering lawyers (or coordinators of lawyers) from Romania to register into the system. The best way to register is to fill out a form on the website (UA.SUPPORT) or write to

More info here.