New implementation of the Criminal Code has been published

The Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 757 of the 12th of November 2012 has published Law no. 187/2012 for the implementation of Law no. 286/2009 on the Criminal Code.

The law includes provisions for the implementation of Law no.286/2009 on the new Criminal Code, having as the main objective the regulation of the existing criminal legislation with its provisions and the establishment of rules that shall guvern the solution for conflicts of laws resulting from the implementation of the new Penal Code.

As shown in the explanatory memorandum to the Governemnt, as the initiator of the law, the drafting of the law has been analyzed with concern of the main aspects:

– repeal of the criminalization texts of special legislation as a result of their enrollment in the special Part of the new Criminal Code or to remove unnecessary duplicatoin of the text that protect the same social values;
– adaptation of sentances for crimes that remain in the special legislation according to the sanctioning logic of the new Criminal Code;
– upragrading the references to the rules of the Special Part of the Criminal code made by the texts of special legislation;
– decriminalization of offences specified in the special legislation and including fees where appropiate;

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