SanoPass launches a new funding round and aims to raise 3 million EUR to accelerate growth over the next 2 years

The healthtech startup, founded in Romania in 2019, has seen a remarkable expansion in 2021 and aims to grow its client portfolio, integrate with partner clinics and fitness operators to ensure a fully online user experience, and launch its own telemedicine platform. SanoPass has launched a number of projects with strategic partners in technology, payments and insurance, and is testing the applicability of emerging technologies in the field of preventive medicine (blockchain and NFT).

SanoPass, a platform for healthcare and fitness services and subscriptions, doubled its turnover last year, to 420,000 EURO. The company increased its monthly revenues from EUR 15,000 in January 2021 to EUR 75,000 in February 2022. The number of subscribers increased by over 100%, to 50,000 in December 2021.

SanoPass is a Romanian healthtech platform that unifies and digitizes access to health, in over 1,000 private clinics, independent as well as networks, and over 150 gyms. Through its national network of partners, SanoPass recorded last year more than 10,000 medical services and 5,000 gym sessions each month, provided to its 50,000 subscribers and 30,000 users.

SanoPass provides access to over 11,000 doctors, guaranteeing appointments with national coverage in a maximum of 48 hours. Medical services are complemented by the platform’s fitness module. SanoPass subscriptions are currently used in over 140 small and medium-sized companies, which offer access to the platform, to their employees as a benefit, or to partners and customers in loyalty and marketing programs.

SanoPass subscriptions, whose prices start at 40 ROL (approximately 8 EUR) per month for a basic package, provide access to preventive medicine services (tests and investigations, imaging, medical consultations in any specialty), fitness, but also telemedicine and AI-based triage.

One of the drivers of SanoPass’s growth has been its strategic partnerships with major companies in insurance, real estate investment, financial institutions and the pharma industry.

Andrei Vasile and Delia Iliasa, SanoPass co-managing partners: “The traditional model of accessing medical services has become a barrier to patients’ access to doctors and specialists. It’s time to find new models of packages of medical and prevention services, focused on the individual needs of patients and at the same time complementary to public and private insurance systems. We have identified the need for a third party platform, to connect patients with healthcare and wellness providers. The SanoPass partner network also includes specialized and hyper-specialized clinics and professionals who are not necessarily affiliated with a large network.

In the last 10 years, the CEE countries have seen a growth rate of the Gross Domestic Product equal to, or sometimes higher than, that of the Western countries. This increases the appetite and purchasing power for health and wellness services, while the pandemic context has clearly shown the weak points of public health systems and the growing need for efficient and consistently delivered private preventative services”.

SanoPass is one of the most active start-ups in the healthtech area in the entire region, and is also listed in the top 3 start-ups  in the fitness industry in Romania. The company has attracted from an early stage the support of Cleverage Venture Capital, an investment fund born from the association of entrepreneurs Wargha Enayati – founder of Regina Maria and president of Enayati Group, Georgios Sofianos – entrepreneur in the healthcare industry and CEO of Sofmedica, Sergiu Negut – business angel and co-founder of Fintech OS, and Voicu Oprean – founder of AROBS Transilvania Software.

In previous rounds, SanoPass attracted investments of 400,000 EURO (Seed round, in 2020), respectively 850,000 EURO (Bridge round, in March 2021), with Cleverage Venture Capital as lead investor in both rounds.

Through the new funding round, SanoPass aims to raise 3,000,000 EURO, to accelerate development through client acquisition, integration with partner clinics and fitness operators in order to fully digitize the user experience, and launching its own telemedicine platform.

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