The first NFT project of a team of lawyers in Romania

The Qlawyers team of lawyers hereby presents the first NFT project in the legal area in Romania, Avo Cats NFT. A project that brings together legal specialists in order to effectively support the cryptocurrency industry, NFTs businesses and other business areas.

The team merged the utility and expertise of a professional organisation with the animated style of NFTs and created a collection of 2,000 unique NFT cats, created by a Romanian designer and generated algorithmically.

I. Benefits for the nft holders. Its utility

NFTs can have an intrinsic value in art or in the utility which lays behind them. The QLawyers team decided to focus on their utility so that the members of Avo Cats NFT can access a full benefits package provided by the team and the collaborators.

The holders of an Avo Cats  NFT can benefit from all the resources provided by QLawyers and their collaborators.

1.1. Community. The legal environment you`ve been searching for

Unlimited access to a closed network which brings together professionals from key areas: lawyers, accountants, fiscal consultants, entrepreneurs, curators.

Exclusive group where you can ask questions, test new ideas and check certain scenarios with respect to your business.

1.2. Networking. Determined people, just like you

Real networking possibility with people with similar values and interests.

Access to specialized informative products: newsletters, legal news, events.

Premium resources and business development tools.

1.3. Priority. Quick access to professionals

Discounts to litigation and consultancy legal fees.

Special discounts offered by our partners in the QLawyers network.

Easy access and recommendations to our partners in other areas of law.


1st Quarter. The launch

Engage all the resources to make the project visible, design the NFTs, programme the NFTs and launch the NFTs on the Elrond Blockchain.

2nd Quarter. Partners expand

Team up with other partners from various business areas whose experience will be shared with the community members.

3rd Quarter. Events

Organize online and / or offline events with our partners, for the community, addressing topics from the Crypto Industry and related fields.

4th Quarter. International

Scale up the project internationally by identifying business opportunities and partners globally.


The project will be launched in February and we will announce the details soon. The 2000 NFTs will be launched on the Elrond blockchain, on the Trust.market NFT platform. These can be purchased with eGold currency and the Maiar wallet will be required in order to connect to the Trust.market platform.

You can follow the evolution of the project on all social media channels available here: https://linktr.ee/avocatsnft


Laurențiu Petre, Managing Partner QLawyer, Co-fondator Avocats NFT
Florin Roșu, Managing Partner QLawyer, Co-fondator Avocats NFT


QLawyers is an emerging law firm specialised in optimising businesses especially from a labour law, commercial law and GDPR perspective. Our main goal is to offer our clients the highest QUALITY in terms of legal services. The success of our business comes from the fact that we always offer the best legal and practical advice for our client’s projects by having an in-depth understanding of their needs and expectations.

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