AGRI 2000 NET expansion in its fifth European country

LegalHunt advised the Italian-based biochemical Company AGRI 2000 NET in the process of entering on the Romanian market, being the fifth international market that AGRI aims to conquer. The Italian Group’s development plans involve building up a Romanian team which will handle the local developments of AGRI 2000 NET.

The initial business consultancy process, as well as the Romanian Company setup procedures were coordinated by Victor POP, a Senior Consultant with the LegalHunt team. Working in an innovation – orientated fresh and enthusiastic environment, LegalHunt members use a client orientated friendly approach which manages to transpose the harshness of the legal framework on the clients’ understanding.

Matteo Oppi – AGRI 2000 NET, Shareholder and the Director of the Romanian subsidiary: “Experience with Legal Hunt Team, has been really proficient. Since the beginning, the relationship with Victor showed his ability to build rapport through effective working relationships. Empathy and a positive attitude in understanding our needs have been paramount in achieving our goals. The team has a positive attitude as well as their constant strive to solve problems made it possible to also respect our strict schedule.”

Victor, Senior Consultant: “Working with Matteo proved to me once again that Italian investors have a special approach when doing business, especially on an unknown territory. Even if, alongside our initial collaboration, due to the excessive bureaucracy encountered, we had to overcome some difficult situations, I found in Matteo a patient business partner who supported me and my colleagues with all the necessary information and documents in order to bring the project to an successful end.”

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