ŢUCA ZBÂRCEA ȘI ASOCIAȚII secures top spot in IFLR 1000’s rankings and receives the highest number of lawyer recommendations for Romania

A total number of 38 law firms and 150 lawyers have made it to the final rankings of IFLR 1000. As well as being one of the highest ranked law firms, ŢUCA ZBÂRCEA ȘI ASOCIAȚII also received the largest number of lawyer nominations in Romania.

ŢUCA ZBÂRCEA ȘI ASOCIAȚII reconfirms its top-notch position in the financial and corporate market, according to the final rankings of IFLR 1000 for the research period 2020/2021. The firm achieved Tier One rankings in three areas of practice undergoing research this year: Banking and finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Project Development and Tier Two in Capital Markets (Debt & Equity).

Moreover, 16 lawyers at the firm were acclaimed for their professional activity, this being the highest number of lawyer recommendations in Romania.

Generally speaking, ŢUCA ZBÂRCEA ȘI ASOCIAȚII received praise for its work in all areas of practice, with clients appreciating the team’s passion, professionalism, expertise and client value.

As such, one of the firm’s clients says: “In terms of Financing expertise, this firm is top-notch. They offer well-informed guidance and accurate risk assessments. They have a reputation for being excellent banking and finance lawyers: they deal with so many financing cases that they know exactly what both the lenders and the borrowers expect from them”.

Another client attests: “The team is well organised and provides an efficient, client-centric M&A service. They can always be trusted to get things done. Actually, all their M&A lawyers are incredibly approachable and insightful.”

Further, “as regards PPP and concessions work, they are the best. Their knowledge of all applicable laws and regulations, including at EU level is simply amazing.”

Lastly, the firm’s Capital markets team is rated “amongst the best teams in the market as regards both debt and equity capital market work. The team is technically very good, and experienced with various types of capital markets work. Also very good on the regulatory side.”

IFLR1000 is the guide to the world’s leading financial and corporate law firms and lawyers. Their first rankings were published in 1990 and they currently research over 120 jurisdictions worldwide.

For further details please also refer to: https://www.iflr1000.com/Jurisdiction/Romania/Rankings/196#rankings

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