Laborious life vs. busy life

It was very interesting the first question of the 4th scale from the magistracy entrance exam:

“G. Ibrăileanu: in a marriage, when the man and the woman are living a laborious life, when they don’t have a sick mind, when they work all day long and when they look for a clean happiness in their partner company during the rest hours, never this kind of partners will disgust each other. Therefore, they won’t have the time and they won’t take as a stupid thing to spend their time with crazy and harmful imagination.

1. Which of the next answers is giving the main idea from the argumentation above?
(A) A busy life keeps away the couple from a negative mind and from the alienation in the respite time.
(B) To let the mind escape to other partners is a stupid thing.
(C) In a marriage, the partners must keep their life busy all the time.
(D) In the rest time, both partners have to take care to not disgust each other.
(E) The crazy and harmful imagination are the appanage of the people who don’t work and they live their life laziness.”

What means a laborious life? But a busy life?


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