NNDKP invites you to Employment SpotON – webinar series on sensitive employment law aspects

The employer-employee relationship is subject to constant adjustment.  

Notions such as harassment, telework and other concrete aspects such as the restrictive clauses in individual labor contracts, the reorganization of the business activity or managing professional inadequacy may generate reputational and operational risks for companies. These concepts are not recent. However, over the past few years, the level of concern of both employers and employees related to these topics has increased gradually, particularly due to their potential impact on the relationship between the two parties. Moreover, the current economic and social context has caused significant changes that brought about new challenges and the need for employers and employees to further adapt.

All these changes dictate the degree of relevance of the employment law related topics that have emerged lately, with certain legal issues appearing with a high frequency on the agenda of professionals involved in the management of human resources.

What are the legal topics that could have a potential impact on labor relations in the next period? What is the best way to approach them?

To help address concerns and answer common and important questions that arise in practice, NNDKP’s Employment law team has launched Employment SpotON, a webinar series part of the NNDKP Legal & Tax SPACE* initiative, through which we propose to the Romanian business community events that combine technical aspects with practical elements. During the webinars, NNDKP lawyers will provide an overview of the existing legislation, will highlight the legal aspects that should be carefully considered, and will share their practical experience in relation to such aspects.

The main topics and the calendar of this year’s Employment SpotON webinars are:

September 29: Implementing a business restructuring process. Workplace harassment. Challenges that arise in practice;

October 7: Professional inadequacy. Disciplinary liability. A practical overview;

October 13: Restrictive clauses in individual employment contracts. Telework. A practical overview.

NNDKP team of speakers for the webinars is comprised of:
Roxana Abrașu, Partner, Head of Employment law practice
Marius Ezer, Partner, Disputes Resolution
Gabriela Dinu, Managing Associate, Employment law practice
Ionuț Stancu, Senior Associate, Employment law practice
Flavia Lungu, Associate, Employment law practice
Daniel Stăncescu, Associate, Employment law practice

Employment SpotON is an initiative dedicated to legal counsels, legal directors, HR directors, HR consultants, CEOs, CFOs, COOs.

To register for the webinars, please access the link available here.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the events!

About NNDKP Legal & Tax SPACE*

NNDKP Legal & Tax SPACE is a concept through which we propose to the Romanian business community informative events that combine technical and practical aspects. This initiative by NNDKP is part of our commitment to offer to our clients, and not only, high-quality services with genuine added value, as well as forums for discussions, debates and the sharing of knowledge and expertise.

*SPACE=Sustainable Professional Advancement through Continuous Education


Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (”NNDKP”) has been a promoter of business law in Romania for over 30 years and is independently acknowledged as a pioneer provider of integrated legal & tax services on the local market.

NNDKP is a 5-time winner of the prestigious “Law Firm of the Year Award in Romania” at the Chambers Europe Awards Gala in 2021, 2017, 2013, 2012 and 2009.

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