Fortech to take over Zipper Studios. Alex Lefter – M&A Partner with LC LegalProof assisted on the seller’s side

The Romanian software services provider, Fortech, running 4 development centers and engaging over 900 employees and collaborators in Romania, announces the takeover of the IT company Zipper Studios in a transaction that will be completed on September 1, 2021.

Fortech enjoys EY, Forbes recognition and has been repeatedly included in the top Deloitte, which ranks the fastest growing companies in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to being included in the IAOP’s Top 100 Software Outsourcing Companies Worldwide this year, Fortech was selected by the German conglomerate Bosch from its list of preferred global suppliers. Zipper Studios is a software development services company from Cluj-Napoca with a turnover of 400,000 Euros and a presence on the market for 4 years.

Zipper Studios is assisted in the acquisition process by Alexandru Lefter, attorney at law and the coordinating partner of the mergers and acquisitions practice within the law firm LC LegalProof.

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