Filip & Company assists Digi group in contracting two credit facilities amounting to EUR 232 million

The Filip & Company team assisted RCS & RDS S.A. and its other subsidiaries in contracting two medium-term credit facilities amounting to approximately EUR 232 million for investment purposes.

Under the first EUR 132 million facility, DIGI Spain Telecom S.L.U (the subsidiary of RCS&RDS) has the capacity as borrower while the Digi group companies – RCS & RDS, Digi Communications N.V., DIGI Távközlési (the Hungarian subsidiary of RCS & RDS) and Invitel Távközlési Zrt are guarantors. The agent of the financing banks is Banco Santander of Spain.

The second facility of RON 500 million was granted to RCS & RDS S.A., as borrower, while Digi Communications N.V., DIGI Távközlési (the Hungarian subsidiary of RCS & RDS), Invitel Távközlési Zrt and DIGI Spain Telecom S.L.U participate guarantors. The loan is granted by a bank syndicate formed by UniCredit, BRD, ING Romania and Citibank Romania while ING Bank N.V., the London branch, acted as the agent of the financing banks.

Alexandru Bîrsan, partner and coordinator of the Corporate, M&A and Capital Markets department of Filip & Company: “Digi is the largest private employer of the local business environment and is constantly developing. Year-on-year they invest in new technologies and are constantly innovating. It is a Romanian entrepreneurial business that puts in a lot of effort and care for the client. These new facilities contribute a series of elements that make life easier to such an active group, from a financial perspective inclusively. We are glad to have had a new opportunity to work as a team. An excellent experience as always.”

The Filip & Company team that assisted RCS & RDS in this project consisted of Alexandru Bîrsan (partner), Rebecca Marina (senior associate), Andreea Bănică (associate) and Andrei Konya (associate).

Filip & Company has one of the most dynamic Financing and Capital Markets practices in Romania. The team of lawyers includes specialists with a rich expertise acquired in complex internal and international transactions.

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