PNSA continues to support Stradivarius International Tour

Popovici Nițu Stoica & Asociații pledged once again its full support to Stradivarius International Tour, initiated and supported every year by the violinist Alexandru Tomescu, also ensuring the legal services required for its organisation.

Stradivarius International Tour 2021, this year in its 14th edition, aims to continue to connect music with the public, through a violin and piano transcription of the famous “ODE TO JOY” (Symphony no. 9) by Ludwig van Beethoven, within a series of 12 concerts in 10 towns in Romania between July 25 and August 10, 2021.


Since its establishment in 1995, Popovici Nițu Stoica & Asociații has been actively involved in numerous scientific, cultural and artistic projects, supporting Romanian researchers, contemporary artists and various programs aiming the recovery and protection of Romanian historic, cultural or natural heritage. In particular, the Firm understands the essential role of promoters and sponsors in initiating research and development projects and it is proud to assume it as an important responsibility to the community.

Popovici Nițu Stoica & Asociații constantly supports Romanian artists, active in the multiple realms, from Alexandru Tomescu and his projects Balada or Stradivarius to Henri Mavrodin and the mission of recovering the cultural memory of the Pangratti Art Studios. The Firm also supports socio-anthropologic and ethnographic projects, such as Romania. After 30 project, a field research under the coordination of Professor Mirel Bănică about Romanians three decades after the 1989 Revolution in 1989.

After the extraordinary national and international acclaim of the documentary Untamed Romania (România Neîmblânzită), whose production and completion were proudly supported by Popovici Nițu Stoica & Asociații, the Firm has promoted Nora Anghelescu (aka Nora De Angelli) and Doru Anghelescu’s initiative – the photographic album titled Orchids of Romania.

Popovici Nițu Stoica & Asociații thus continues a long tradition of Romanian law firms, through this initiative in support of the national natural heritage.

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