Online Masterclass on Legal Sustainability for the students of Law schools in Romania organized by Enel and Suciu Popa

We are at an inflection point in history.

The global Sustainable Development Goals set the framework for action. They set out a vision for the future around which action must be mobilized, all of us having the responsibility to contribute.

Having this in mind, Enel and Suciu Popa joined together and decided to get engaged and to move to action, choosing legal educational and young generations as the main focus.

With this aim a Masterclass on Legal Sustainability for the students and master students of Law schools in Bucharest, Romania will be organized by a group of enthusiastic legal experts from Enel and Suciu Popa to help young students to expand their knowledge and interest in this subject of major importance.

Legal sustainability will play a major role in contracts, dispute resolution and in the way we understand and apply the civil law as a whole. The pandemic could not underscore more the importance of adaptability and the ability of finding sustainable solutions to the legal issues parties face in contracts, international trade relations and commerce, with concepts such as force majeure and hardship being brought to the table more than ever before in an attempt to reshape or reshuffle completely the rights and obligations balance, what does the Green Deal involve and how it will be translated in a greener energy mix and a green economy, but also with questions such as how can sustainable artificial intelligence tools enable the work of humans in any field and how they can be regulated, what is e-mobility and why it helps us approach net zero emissions and how can sustainable dispute resolution avenues be pursued in both normal and extraordinary circumstances.

Sustainability in every filed offers a world of opportunities, creating value for individuals, communities, and companies, also having a big impact on the job market. The young generation of students will face this reality soon so, in order them to be prepared, a group of enthusiastic legal experts from Enel and Suciu Popa will hold several dedicated online events, the first ones in June 2021 organized under the auspices of Nicolae Titulescu University Law School and the Romanian-American University Law School, and continuing through in the fall of 2021.

Among the speakers will feature Enel legal experts Edoardo Marcenaro, Head of Legal Assistance Enel Global Infrastructure and Networks, Alina Dumitrascu, Head of Head of Network Technology, Development and Commercial Operation Legal Assistance in Enel Global Infrastructure and Networks,  Alexandru Neagu, Head of Legal Assistance Enel X Europe, Miruna Suciu, Managing Partner Suciu Popa and head of Corporate and M&A practice and Luminita Popa, Managing Partner Suciu Popa and head of the Dispute Resolution and International Arbitration practices, along with a team of legal experts from Enel: Raffaela De Rose, Paola Infantino and Lucrezia Albanese. The panel of experts will be joined by a special guest – Prof. Benedetta Sirgiovanni, from The School of Law at Tor Vergata University of Rome.

Enel is a global company and a leading integrated utility changing the face of energy by empowering sustainable progress and technologies. Enel is the largest private player in clean energy production from renewables sources and an electricity distribution operator through a network of over 2.2 million kilometers, with more than 74 million end users, the largest global customer base. Enel is committed to continuous innovation and sustainability placed at the core of its business, which put Enel among the top 50 most sustainable companies worldwide nominated by SEAL Business Sustainability Awards and is a member of the United Nations Global Compact to make a tangible contribution to four of the UN’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Enel has placed environmental, social and economic sustainability at the center of its corporate culture and is implementing a sustainable development system that is based on the creation of shared value, both inside and outside of the company.

Suciu Popa is a top Romanian law firm with a full-service practice, with notable performances in all areas of business law, including energy & renewables, project development, M&A, environment, being constantly ranked by all local and international directories in the top tiers of the legal services providers. Fully committed to making a difference on the Romanian market, Suciu Popa draws on the solid experience and reputation of its attorneys and partners, built over more than 20 years of acting for multinational clients, strategic investors and investment funds, public authorities, and international financial institutions, in some of the most complex cross-border transactions, investment projects and dispute resolution cases.

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