Leroy și Asociații strengthens their litigation and arbitration practice in collaboration with Nela Petrișor – a highly reputed legal professional

Leroy și Asociații strengthens its litigation and arbitration department through the professional cooperation with Nela Petrișor, as Of Counsel.

Bruno Leroy and Andreea Toma, Partners in the law firm: „We are delighted with Nela Petrișor’s decision to collaborate with our law firm. Her vast experience not only complements, but adds value to our projects, while confirming the excellence of the litigation and commercial arbitration practice of Leroy și Asociații.”

With over 30 years of experience in civil and commercial cases at all court levels, Nela Petrișor is an acknowledged legal professional. She was a magistrate for 27 years, serving as a judge at the High Court of Cassation and Justice for 12 years.

Nela Petrișor is an arbitrator at The Court of International Commercial Arbitration attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and a conciliator at the Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution in the banking business.

Nela Petrisor: “The decision to collaborate with Leroy and Associates came naturally. Why? Because we share the same values, we have the same standards and we have the same purpose: to offer premium services to our clients.”

The collaboration with Nela Petrișor emphasizes the law firm’s commitment to offer legal services to its clients at the highest standards.

Leroy si Asociatii is one of the most prestigious law firms in Romania, providing, for over 20 years, legal assistance and representation services in all areas of business law.

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