The implementation of the new Codes

The MJ action plan for the implementation of the new Codes: The Minister of Justice announced on Friday, 6 of January 2012, that a draft of the action plan for the implementation of the Civil procedure code, the Criminal code and the Criminal procedure code was sent to all institutions involved. The Parliament, Presidency, Government, SCM, HCCJ, General Prosecutor’s Office, NAD, DIOCT, Ministry of Administration and Interior, Ministry of National Defense received the document. * * * Courage in exercising Justice: The prize “Courage in exercising Justice” awarded by the Alliance for a Cleaner Romania, was won by judge Camelia Bogdan, from the Bucharest Court. The announcement was made by judge Cristi Danilet, member of the SCM. * * * Internships for law students: The Society of Legal Sciences is organizing several internships for students of the Law Faculties. The programme will unroll from March to December 2012. * * * The new member of the SCM: On Monday, the 9th of January 2012 the elections for the position of member of the SCM took place. On January, the 10th 2012, the Superior Council of Magistracy released the results: Bogdan Gabor – 204 votes, Petre Voinescu – 133 votes and Ioan-Marius Aron – 111 votes. * * * The magistrates’ liability law is constitutional: The Constitutional Court decided on Wednesday, 11 of January 2012 that the magistrates’ liability law is constitutional. The decision was taken unanimously. * * * VASS Lawyers Academy: Vass Lawyers, law firm, is launching a complex program of internship, training and private scholarships as VASS Lawyers Academy. The program is opened to all students in II, III and IV year of the Law Faculties of Romania. * * * Resignation at the Arbitration Court: The professor Viorel Mihai Ciobanu resigned from his position as president of the Arbitration Court of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. * * * Promotions at Serban and Associates: The law firm Serban and Associates nominated two more lawyers for the management team. Also, two of the firm’s  lawyers got a promotion as seniors in the law firm.

Andreea Roxana TUDOROIU

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