A startle

The people who work with laws are feeling painful the inobservance of the rules. The law and the rules are in general easy to doubt of and to give apart when a will, human or fatal, pushes with enough power. Maybe those people have a psycho-I don’t know why sensibility, when they choose to work with law, such a sensible instrument, so delicate in comparison with the will and the fatality. Those who work with laws love the sentiment of safety that the laws give. When this is not happening, the one who is paying attention to the rules is stressed, because to combat a situation with means related to the reasoning is sometimes more exhausting, more expensive than the illegal result.

According to the message which appears on the screen before the movie starts at the cinema, it is prohibited the entry into the hall with recording equipment. More, the message assigns that all these equipments will be taken… For ordinary people this message means something simple: you are not allowed to record the view. But to a man used to the ins and outs of the law this remembers to him that he has in his pocket a device for recording audio-video: the mobile phone. Of course, while it is not used for the recording of the movie, it won’t be any control regarding the recording equipments that all the viewers have. This is why, the message on the screen, which are threatening us with the strictness of the penal law, only brings to us s startle. This is the difference between the people who work with the laws and the other people: a startle.


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