act | Botezatu Estrade Partners is a GreenTech Member of the Green Digital Innovation HUB (Green eDIH), which announced its enrollment in the National Selection Procedure for the EDIH Network conducted by ADR

Green eDIH was created to become a VIRTUAL EDIH SUPERSTRUCTURE in the Bucharest-Ilfov region, set up to excel through its UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE concept

Bucharest, September 21 – Green Digital Innovation HUB (Green eDIH) announces its enrollment in the National Selection Procedure for the EDIH Network conducted by ADR (the Authority for the Digitalization of Romania), being the only digital innovation HUB in the Bucharest-Ilfov region that operates exclusively DIGITAL, having a unique and innovative concept that will allow it to become the most important Center of Excellence in Digitalization and Innovation in the region.

act | Botezatu Estrade Partners law firm is one of the founding members of Green eDIH.

Ștefan Botezatu, Managing Partner, act | Botezatu Estrade Partners: “A green and tech future in which digitalization and innovation contribute to the Green Deal policy are values ​​on which our Firm was built – hence our slogan: Forward Thinking.

We bet on innovation and we want to be part of those who contribute to the effort of turning Romania into a digitally developed and green country, in line with European standards, including by accessing European funds. Our joining as GreenTech Founding Member in the mission of Green eDIH to ensure a digital innovation ecosystem for the private economy and public administration in the Bucharest-Ilfov region provides for a favourable framework in which our strong experience in the legal tech area will add value to the intelligent development of the society.”

The Digital HUB was set up to support the Bucharest-Ilfov region’s alignment with European standards for digitization, innovation, and research and development through state-of-the-art green technologies. Green eDIH welcomes regional and national entities: Associations, Clusters, Employer Structures, Academic Environment, Research, and Statistical Institutes, Private SMEs and Large Companies, Local and Central Authorities, as well as any entity that can bring more value to a further accelerated and efficient development, facilitating their access to all necessary resources to implement digital transformation through innovation and advanced knowledge transfer successfully.

The registration of new members from the Bucharest-Ilfov region is done exclusively DIGITAL, by applying online on the official website:

Gabriel Munteanu, President of Green Technology CLUSTER, Green eDIH Governor: „Digital transformation is more about people than technology, so any digital transformation should begin with eCitizen and naturally scale to eGovernment, finally delivering success through an ecosystem of mutual collaboration. We live in a multi-channel network of things. We believe High Specializations are mandatory in all areas of our Digital Future, delivered through better Digital Skills.”

“Test before you invest” is just one of the challenges the market faces when it comes to investing in innovation. GeDIH offers the ideal solution by collaborating to build prototypes that are tested within the partner-based ecosystem.


M1. GreenTech Members –

Green Technology CLUSTER Members are implicitly GreenTech Members. They are exclusive representatives of private companies in Information Technology that have the Know-How and resources to generate, implement and sustainably develop any complex project related to the latest technology, starting from the testing phase to global implementation.

M2. GreenAssociate Members –

GreenAssociate Members are represented by Associations, Clusters, Employer Structures, University type of Institutions, Research and Statistical Institutes, Private Companies, be they SMEs or Large Companies, and any entity that can add value to a further accelerated and efficient development.

M3. GreenBeneficiary Members –

GreenBeneficiary Members are Central and Local Public Authorities and any public or private institution that cannot be actively involved as an Associate Member but can become the Beneficiary of the innovation and the Green Consulting, Audit, Development, Implementation and Innovation services provided by the other active members of GeDIH. Thus, the beneficiaries become an important link within the digital ecosystem as a Member that can actively benefit from all the advantages and results of research conducted by GeDIH and can facilitate dissemination in local communities. Nevertheless, they can be directly part of market studies or indirectly, for the social communities that they represent.

M4. GreenPartners –

GreenPartners are International entities that can bring the direct contribution to and can support in the most efficient way the digitalization development strategy in Romania from the position of a global technology partner, ready to support us with the transfer of know-how and various programs already developed globally, as part of the community strategy. Thus, the GreenPartners can contribute to the development of the future Center of Excellence in Digitalization, Innovation and R&D applied to a DIH, based on the close cooperation and transparency between public authorities and the private sector.

Green eDIH’s Mission is to provide a digital innovation ecosystem based on green (eco-friendly) technologies for the private economy and public administration in the Bucharest-Ilfov region. Green eDIH’s Vision is based on the ambition to transform the operating mode of the actors involved in the public and private environment by supporting them in the process of adopting the latest technologies (AI, ITS, HPC, Smart City, Digitalization, Cyber Security, Matchmaking, Big Data, Aeronautical Research, HighTech Legal), to align with European standards in terms of sustainable and green development.

To support and accelerate innovation through green digital technologies, Green eDIH has created from the start five Digital Programs that will integrate and expand the main functions of an EDIH: GreenTech Academy, GreenTech Network, GreenTech Starter, GreenTech Policy, and GreenTech Projects.


European Digital Innovation Hubs (eDIH) provide access to technical expertise and experimentation so that those interested can “test before investing.” It also provides innovation services, funding consulting, training, and skills development for a successful digital transformation.

In the context of the new Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027, the European Commission has proposed a new funding program dedicated exclusively to supporting the digital transformation of the European economy and society. The Digital Europe program aims to improve the EU’s international competitiveness through significant investments in developing the Union’s strategic capabilities, supporting the development of critical areas such as artificial intelligence, high-performance computing (HPC), cybersecurity, advanced digital skills, digitalization of public administration and interoperability.

The role of European Digital Innovation Hubs (eDIH) is to ensure that innovative digital solutions, based on new technologies, are integrated into the day-to-day business of companies and public administrations. Thus, digital innovation centers offer the possibility to experiment and test these technologies to implement them according to the specific needs of the field of activity of each company or public institution.

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