Maximum 9.5

I saw an advertisement where a laptop was promoted insisting on the fact that the battery was holding “up to 9.5 hours”. You don’t have to be too smart to understand that “up to 9.5 hours” means “maximum 9.5 hours”. That means however a little time… Although this thing is so easy to understand, the people appreciate the laptop, because the battery is resisting. In other words, although they know that the promotional message has no consistency, the people act as if the message has a consistency…

The doubtfulness is an attribute of the truth itself, meaning the way the things are in our head. This is how things are in our minds: blurred. The work of the jurist is requiring sensitivity and delicacy: to bring over, he needs to feel the blur sentiment of the other’s mind and to reason adequate.

So the law theory and the judicial fight are caused by the fact that the understanding of things is based on the ability of work with blurred notions. This is not a problem, but a modus vivendi.


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