Romania’s Cluj-Napoca to develop largest AI research centre in Eastern Europe

Valentina Pârvu
Valentina Pârvu
Cosmin Crețu
Cosmin Crețu

According to several recent media reports, the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN) is in line to receive a grant of RON 80 million (EUR 16.7 million) in European funding to establish the Institute for Research in Artificial Intelligence (ICIA) and build a 10,500 square metre AI excellence centre, the largest of its kind in Eastern Europe.

ICIA is set to accommodate the following centres, each made up of several laboratories:
– Centre for Fundamental Research and Technologies in Artificial Intelligence;
– Centre for Research and Design of Intelligent Systems;
– Centre for Research in Support Domains for Development of Applications and Intelligent Systems;
– Centre for Research in Intelligent Applications in Cybersecurity and Cyberspace;
– Centre for Research in Applications for Intelligent Cities Domain;
– Centre for Research in Intelligent Medical Diagnostics; and
– Centre for Development, Innovation and Technology Transfer.

According to a UTCN vice-chancellor and a coordinator of the project, the ICIA and building facility will be up and running in three years as of the date of the signing of the financing contract. In the beginning, ICIA will accommodate approximately 300 researchers, but it intends to attract other researchers and collaborate with universities from abroad. The ICIA will be equipped to develop intelligent systems, robots, intelligent vehicles and intelligent solutions.

Another UTCN vice-chancellor stated that certain large companies active in AI are interested in or currently have on-going collaborations with the university on projects related to autonomous vehicle, big-data and other technology.

The expected date of approval of the grant application for this project is June 2020.

Previously, UTCN obtained EUR 5 million in funding for Horizon 2020, which included other AI-related projects, and is currently listed among the top international universities by the prestigious QS STARS RATING SYSTEM (UK).

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