act | Botezatu Estrade Partners has launched the Forward Thinking Podcast series

act | Botezatu Estrade Partners has launched the Forward Thinking Podcast series, an audio pill (approximately 10 minutes) that addresses the hottest legal issues of the moment, new regulations that can impact companies during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. The Forward Thinking Podcast series represents a step towards the digitalization of the legal arena and the boundaries’ exceedance of the traditional legal advice, through a user-friendly format, easily accessible from anywhere and available on all streaming podcast platforms.

While episode #1 discussed the field of competition law during the pandemic, analysing, among other things, a comfort letter issued by the European Commission, focusing on encouraging cooperation between businesses, episode #2 addresses an extremely relevant topic for remote working, a common situation during this period. Andrei Petre, act lawyer specializing in the field of Tech Law, challenged his colleague, Adrian Șandru, a white collar crimeslawyer, to a discussion about cyber-attacks and the main measures that any business should take, in order to prevent and respond to these attacks.

The third episode will have Ștefan Botezatuu in the spotlight, co-founder and Managing Partner of the firm, in a relaxed discussion, focusing on the returning to offices, the legal implications and the management approach necessary for facilitating the transition to this new normality. His 25 years of professional experience, of which the last 10 in management positions of top law firms, combined with the qualification in the Leadership in Law Firms program at Harvard Law School Executive Education, recommends Stefan as an expert in managing law firms and developing internal policies inherent to crisis situations.

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