Acquisitions of COVID-19-related medical supplies to be reimbursed from EU funds

Valentina Parvu
Valentina Pârvu
Cosmin Crețu
Cosmin Crețu

On 7 April 2020, Romania enacted Government Emergency Ordinance No. 43 (GEO 43) for the approval of support measures following the spread of COVID-19 during the state of emergency, which the government is expected to extend until 16 May.

Among other measures, GEO 43 orders that funds be reimbursed from the EU’s Large Infrastructure Operational Programme (LIOP) for expenses for medical equipment, medical supplies and devices used for medical protection, equipment for specialised transport, equipment for decontamination and triage support, medical logistic containers, medical diagnosis and treatment facilities used in combatting COVID-19.

GEO 43’s explanatory memorandum states that LIOP expects a call for projects for the acquisition of medical equipment and medical protection equipment with a total budget of approximately EUR 300 million. In a public statement, the Minister of the Ministry of European Funds referred to a larger budget of approximately EUR 350 million.

According to the Minister, the EU will reimburse 100% of the costs for medical equipment used in the fight against COVID-19 and added that “the medical equipment can be bought by the medical facilities, following that the reimbursement process from [European] funds will be performed subsequently and I emphasise this aspect, so that all the persons involved during this period in treating sick persons do not have reservations from this point of view, because we will ensure the reimbursement process of these expenses in due time”.

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