A riddle with a judge and a lawyer :)

A conversation is blossoming
The lawyer (looking for a discussion): Mr. President, how much does it takes to arrive to Cluj?
The judge (without paying attention): …
The lawyer: And what are we doing for so much time?
The judge (concessive): What we can do? We talk…
The lawyer (provocative, considering that the judges are inquiring people): Let me tell you a riddle! What is little and black and stays in my yard?

In the train station of Ploiesti
The judge: He has fell?
The lawyer (prompt): He has. You’ve guessed!
The judge: By chance, he has four legs?
The lawyer (prompt): Exactly, you have right.

The conversation continues on the way to Sighisoara
The judge (suspicious): And you keep it in a chain?
The lawyer (all in a breath): Yes, I keep it in a chain.

At Blaj
The judge (concessive): Is it the dog?
The lawyer (happy): Yeah, you’ve guessed! It is the dog.

Cluj is near
The lawyer (already familiar): But why it took you so long to guess?

Passing by Apahida
The judge answers: I knew the answer from Bucharest, but if I would answer since Bucharest then what we would’ve talked until now?

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