ȚUCA ZBÂRCEA & ASOCIAȚII, Legal Partner of the First Start-up Accelerator Dedicated to the Hospitality Industry in Romania

The HoReCa Business Accelerator program for start-ups innovating in the hospitality industry was launched on Thursday, March 5. The event marked the start of enrolments in this unique education and mentoring program, which will run from March to May 2020.

ȚUCA ZBÂRCEA & ASOCIAȚII is Legal Partner of the first start-up accelerator in the hospitality industry in Romania – HoReCa Business Accelerator, a short-term accelerator program providing education and mentorship, with a curriculum designed by over 20 experts, entrepreneurs and managers in the hospitality industry. The HoReCa Business Accelerator is an initiative of the Hospitality Culture Institute and, in addition to the contribution of ȚUCA ZBÂRCEA & ASOCIAȚII, is supported by Banca Transilvania, Coca-Cola, Ensight and Commons.

A team of lawyers from ȚUCA ZBÂRCEA & ASOCIAȚII will hold a series of training courses focused on corporate governance and compliance rules, intellectual property and competition law. Also, advice on how to conclude a sale / purchase agreement and the use of negotiation techniques is on the menu. The team from ȚUCA ZBÂRCEA & ASOCIAȚII involved in this program includes Raluca Vasilache, Partner; Andreea Oprișan, Managing Associate; Ruxandra Frangeti, Managing Associate; Răzvan Gheorghiu-Testa, Partner; Dragoș Apostol, Partner; Cristian Radu, Partner; Bogdan Halcu, Managing Associate.

Dragoș Apostol, Partner at ȚUCA ZBÂRCEA & ASOCIAȚII: “This is very exciting, I think, to partner up with the Hospitality Culture Institute and to share our own experiences with local entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their business journey. Over time, we have been involved in projects where we advised entrepreneurs, investors or financiers, thus gaining a profound understanding of the seller-buyer dynamics, as well as of their needs, expectations and interests in various situations. During the delivery of the courses, we will provide a realistic view on what is happening between the parties in an authentic transaction, without losing sight of any other relevant aspects concerning the management of a start-up, from the organisation and the operation, to the protection of intellectual property rights and compliance with the competition rules.”

A number of 15 start-ups will be selected to be part of the HoReCa Business Accelerator, a program open to both established companies and future talented entrepreneurs who have a sustainable business model idea and display growth potential.

Applications are received from March 5 until April 5. The 15 selected start-ups will later be part of a six-week acceleration program, at the end of which, on May 29, they will have the opportunity to present their ideas to potential investors, during a Pitching Day.

Other HoReCa Business Accelerator mentors and trainers include entrepreneurs Dan Isai (founder of SaladBox), Radu Savopol (founder of 5ToGo) and Gabriel Iovu (founder of Expressoft), HoReCa experts, Tinu Sebeșanu (CEO of Trend Hospitality), Ray Iunius (CEO of Windswiss), Florin Itu, founder of Gourmet Entertainment and successful managers in the hospitality industry, such as Cristian Cristea, Group Training Manager City Grill.

More details about the HoReCa Business Accelerator are available here.

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