Promotions at NNDKP

NESTOR NESTOR DICULESCU KINGSTON PETERSEN (NNDKP) announced today the 2020 class of promotions.
– 1 lawyer and 1 tax consultant enter the NNDKP Partnership
– 5 lawyers are promoted to the Managing Associates position and 3 fiscal consultants to that of Director; additionally, 10 lawyers are named Senior Associates
– 10 practice areas of NNDKP (consultancy, litigation and tax) where promotions were made

Eva Forika (NNDKP Timisoara) and Alexandru Aparaschivei (NNDKP Tax Advisory Services) were promoted to Partner position.

Alexandru Aman (Corporate/M&A), Cristian Dranca (Public Procurement and PPP), Monia Hantig (Banking and Finance), Corina Iablonschi (Dispute Resolution) and Daniela Savin (Ghervas) (Dispute Resolution) were promoted to Managing Associate position.

Vadim Apostol-Lulay (Dispute Resolution), Cristiana Chelu-Prodescu (Dispute Resolution), Ioana Cioclei (Dispute Resolution), Anca Diaconu (Competition), Luciana Dutu (Dispute Resolution), Alexandru Lacureanu (Dispute Resolution), Alexandra Marutoiu (Dispute Resolution), Razvan Savin (Dispute Resolution), Miruna Vlad (Data Protection) and Raul Zachia (Data Protection) were promoted to Senior Associate position.

Additionally, Laura Avram, Mihaela Ioja and Daniela Pepa from NNDKP Tax Advisory Services were promoted to Tax Director position.

In 2020, the firm celebrates 30 years since it set off on the journey to provide professional business law services in Romania. Today, NNDKP represents an integrated legal & tax team comprised of 30 partners, over 120 lawyers and tax consultants and 80employees in the supporting departments, working out of the firm’s offices located in Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and Brasov.

Eva Forika, Partner

Eva is a highly seasoned Romanian law qualified lawyer with over 20years of professional experience in the legal field. She is reputed for her exceptional capacity of identifying practical solutions for the complex issues revealed by the commercial practice.

She ensures in-depth coverage of fundamental business-related areas of corporate and commercial law, real estate law, labor law and tax matters; her practice also includes dispute resolution, with particular focus on contracts, regulatory, property and labor matters.

She assists domestic and international clients from a wide range of industries, such as automotive, agribusiness, industrial and manufacturing sectors, on complex contractual projects, by structuring, drafting and negotiating various contractual arrangements, as well as on day-to-day matters specific to their activity on the Romanian market.

Eva also, has managerial responsibilities, as head of NNDKP Timisoara office that has recently celebrated its 15th anniversary.

More details about Eva: here.

Alexandru Aparaschivei, Tax Partner 

Alexandru has over 12 years of experience in the field of tax consultancy with focus on all VAT related matters.

Alexandru provides tax assistance in a wide range of projects to companies that are active in the energy and natural resources sector, financial services, industrial and manufacturing or real estate. He is a Certified Tax Advisor.

More details about Alexandru: here.

Alexandru Aman, Managing Associate 

Alexandru has over eight years of experience in providing legal assistance in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, public procurement matters, telecommunications and energy and natural resources aspects.

Alexandru has assisted major construction companies, telecommunications operators, global IT providers as well as key companies active in the energy and agricultural sectors.

More details about Alexandru: here.

Laura Avram, Tax Director 

Laura has over 13 years of experience in the field of tax consultancy, especially on VAT related matters. She is specialized in tailored training, due diligence projects and tax reviews, restructuring projects, assistance during tax litigation and input on tax expert reports, as well as tax assistance for assessment of the impact of VAT on domestic and EU transactions.

Additionally, she represents clients from various industries before the Romanian fiscal authorities during administrative tax procedures as well as during tax inspections.

Laura is a Certified Tax Advisor.

More details about Laura here.

Cristian Dranca, Managing Associate

Cristian has over 10 years of professional experience in corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, PPP, public procurement and commercial contracts.

Cristian assists both local and international clients in complex legal transactions and operations involving mergers, divisions or corporate restructuring in the private sector, as well as in the privatization field (including structuring of transactions, negotiating contract documents, carrying out post-implementation formalities). He also provides assistance with the reorganization of corporate and commercial negotiations, in cross-border transactions, local and international associations or strategic partnerships, including public-private partnerships. In the public procurement sector, Cristian assists clients with virtually all legal matters specific to this field.

More details about Cristian: here.

Monia Hantig, Managing Associate 

Monia has over 13 years of professional experience in banking and finance. She assists clients in all aspects related to major financing, intra-group loans and cash pooling, major factoring transactions, assignment of loan portfolios, debt restructuring and regulatory matters in the banking sector.

More details about Monia: here.

Corina Iablonschi, Managing Associate

Corina has over ten years of experience in assisting clients in dispute resolution matters. She is specialized in civil and commercial litigation, administrative and tax litigation, complex insolvency as well as enforcement and debt recovery proceedings. Corina assists clients from various sectors (real estate, IT, pharma, energy and natural resources, banking and insurance, retail) in disputes regarding contractual liability and criminal civil liability, real estate and tax matters, with focus on VAT matters and income tax.

Corina also has substantial experience in assisting and representing clients in labor law disputes, regarding the annulment of dismissal decisions issued in the context of reorganization procedures and disciplinary investigations, payment of salary rights, but also in the field of consumer protection.

More details about Corina: here.

Mihaela Ioja, Tax Director

Mihaela has over 17 years of experience in the field of tax consultancy. She assists clients on a wide range of tax matters, from compliance to fiscal aspects related to mergers and acquisitions. She assists clients from various sectors, including industrial and manufacturing, oil and gas, construction or technology.

Mihaela is a Certified Tax Advisor as well as an Accounting Expert.

More details about Mihaela: here.

Daniela Pepa, Tax Director

Daniela has over 16 years of professional experience in the field of tax consultancy. She is specialized in due diligence projects, tax review projects, and provides assistance during tax inspections.

Daniela has also solid knowledge in accounting.

More details about Daniela: here.

Daniela Savin (Ghervas), Managing Associate

Daniela has over eight years of experience in dispute resolution and commercial arbitration matters. She represents clients in a wide range of areas of law, with an emphasis on intellectual property, domestic and international arbitration, recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards and court decisions. She has substantial experience in administrative litigation, especially in competition law, environment law and urban planning law.

Daniela was involved in the first emergency arbitration proceedings in Romania. She has also acted pro bono in a series of litigation cases related to the intellectual property rights over the crosses from the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta.

More details about Daniela: here.

Vadim Apostol-Lulay, Senior Associate

Vadim has over seven years of experience in dispute resolution matters. His field of expertise covers litigation in the areas of labor law, civil law, commercial law and consumer protection.

Vadim assists clients active in various sectors, such as banking and finance, real estate, media, food retail, management consulting and IT.

More details about Vadim: here.

Cristiana Chelu-Prodescu, Senior Associate

Cristiana has almost seven years of experience in dispute resolution matters, constantly showing a proactive approach and being involved in the sustained growth of the dispute resolution practice. Her field of expertise covers litigation in the areas of labor law and public procurement law in different sectors of activity such as transport, constructions and defence.

Moreover, Cristiana has also substantial expertise in litigation related to commercial law, administrative law or consumer protection.

More details about Cristiana: here.

Ioana Cioclei, Senior Associate

Ioana joined the NNDKP team in 2014 in the Banking and Finance practice, and since 2016, she has been a member of the Dispute Resolution team. She is specialized in civil and commercial litigation, ensuring the defense of clients’ interests in banking law and consumer protection disputes, administrative litigation, insolvency proceedings and labor law and competition law disputes.

Ioana assists clients active in sectors such as banking, automotive, energy and natural resources, real estate, logistics and retail.

More details about Ioana: here.

Anca Diaconu, Senior Associate 

Anca has over five years of professional experience in competition law, state aid and European Union law. She assists clients mainly in investigations regarding potential cartels, abuse of dominance position and other restrictive practices, competition litigation, obtaining merger clearance from the Competition Council of M&A transactions, as well as in analyzing the commercial mechanisms of the daily activity of clients and in the implementation of policies to ensure compliance with competition rules.

In addition, Anca assists clients in state aid projects, as well as in projects involving EU law matters.

More details about Anca: here.

Luciana Dutu, Senior Associate

Luciana has over six years of experience in dispute resolution matters. Her field of expertise covers litigation in the area of labor law, administrative and tax law, real estate, enforcement proceedings.

She assists and represents clients in the banking sector, agriculture, constructions, pharma, oil services as well as investment funds.

More details about Luciana: here.

Alexandru Lacureanu, Senior Associate

Alexandru has over six years of experience in the legal field. He is specialized in representing local and international clients in a wide range of disputes, such as commercial litigation, administrative litigation, enforcement proceedings, insolvency, corporate law disputes as well as real estate disputes.

He has accumulated significant experience in representing clients in disputes with public authorities, assisting companies active in various industrial sectors (agriculture, automotive, manufacturing, oil, IT and energy) in fiscal disputes as well as in urban planning law litigation.

More details about Alexandru: here.

Alexandra Măruțoiu, Senior Associate 

Alexandra has almost six years of experience in arbitration and dispute resolution generated by the execution of administrative and civil contracts, especially those governed by FIDIC rules.

In addition, Alexandra has assisted a wide range of clients in complex commercial and administrative litigation, as well as in enforcement and debt recovery proceedings, also representing clients in litigation regarding consumer protection matters.

More details about Alexandra: here.

Razvan Savin, Senior Associate

Răzvan has over six years of professional experience in dispute resolution matters. He is specialized in contractual civil liability, complex insolvency proceedings, the civil side of criminal cases, public procurement procedures and labor law

Răzvan has also played an important role in litigation on data protection matters, in projects that involved challenging decisions issued by anti-fraud authorities or in disputes regarding anti-competitive practices. Clients appreciate Răzvan for his pragmatic advice and thorough approach, as well as for his positive attitude towards obtaining optimum results.

More details about Răzvan: here.

Miruna Vlad, Senior Associate 

Miruna has over six years of professional experience in the legal field focusing her practice on data protection matters. She assists clients with respect to the processing of the personal data of employees, the rights regarding the use of personal data, as well as the formalities regarding the processing and transfer of personal data.

Miruna is also specialized in environmental law.

More details about Miruna: here.

Raul Zachia, Senior Associate

Raul has more than seven years of professional experience in providing legal assistance and representation in matters related to data protection. He assists clients from several industries (banking, telecom, retail, media, etc.) in complex issues related to the processing and security of personal data such as ensuring compliance with applicable legal requirements, managing security incidents, implementing innovative technical solutions such as biometric authentication systems, using profiling systems, monitoring people through computer systems such as CCTV and GPS systems.

In addition, Raul assists clients in processing sensitive data or data subject to a special regime, running marketing campaigns through multiple channels of communication, and provides advice and assistance to clients in interacting with the Data Protection Authority.

More details about Raul: here.

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