SARTO bespoke and The Lauder-Reut Educational Complex: A partnership for the young generation’s elegance

SARTO bespoke is supporting The Lauder-Reut Educational Complex in its mission to shape tomorrow’s leaders, through a fully customized item that reveals elegance while distinguishing the members of an elite school: the Laude-Reut lapel pin, a symbol of performance.

Focusing on the Laude-Reut logo as the core element of identity, SARTO bespoke has produced the first set of 300 lapel pins that were ment to diferentiate the school’s students during the event 2Day Ambassador – The International Laude-Reut Conference on Diplomacy and Global Affairs, dedicated to students from Bucharest and Israel, that will take place in March (23rd to 26st).

Produced in England, these subtle but impactful accessories were designed to cement the collective identity of the students that receive a top quality education at The Lauder-Reut Educational Complex. In a digitalized world that is permanently seeking modernization, this kind of elegant detail tells a story of tradition and belonging.

The partnership between SARTO bespoke and Laude-Reut has begun in 2019 on the occasion of “The Magna Cum Laude Friendship Gala”, an event dedicated to students and their performance. In 2020, the collaboration will proceed with new projects, such as providing school uniforms for the students in the ninth grade, as a way of introducing the young generation to style and elegance.

Both Laude-Reut and SARTO share similar values and the same preoccupation for shaping the young generation’s conduct:

“The partnership between Laude-Reut and SARTO bespoke is the beginning of a journey with a professional clothing company that will breathe new life in creating the protocol suit for Laude-Reut students, tomorrow’s world leaders in diplomacy, business, media and communication. In our educational mission for the future, we develop skills, instill values of behavior, absolutely necessary for any good and prepared person to succeed on the chosen path. Leaders are dressed by SARTO bespoke! ”- Tova Ben Nun-Cherbis, President and Founder of Laude-Reut Educational Complex

“The projects of The Laude-Reut Educational Complex and The Laude-Reut Foundation are a source of inspiration for SARTO bespoke and at the same time an opportunity to understand and consolidate the values of a new generation of leaders and professionals. It is a challenge that brings us a great satisfaction because it gives us the chance of refining the very essence of traditional elegance so that it can shine in the present, more appealing and relevant than ever. Through this partnership, the integrity of masculine conduct is preserved and reinvented abreast of the time.”  – Matei Ladea, SARTO bespoke

Founded in 2011, SARTO bespoke is the place in Bucharest where every man can define his personal style, finding a balance between aesthetics, utility and comfort. In the SARTO workshop, the flawless outfits are created by tailors with over 30 years of experience and perfected with an impeccable service.

The Lauder-Reut Educational Complex is part of an education elite in Romania, granting a top-level education for cca. 450 students, every year. The students are being taught in a multicultural environment, having access to the best resources and the most dedicated teachers.

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