The harmless lawyer :)

While a hyper lawyer was out doing his daily business (meetings, court appointments, etc) since the early morning until late at night, his wife and kid were at home.
In the evening the wife tries calling him but has no more money on her prepay phone card so she says to her kid, Benny:
“Benny, call your dad and check what time he’ll be home!
The kid calls his dad.
“Mommy I called but a lady is answering and she won’t put him on the phone.”
Later on, the lawyer arrives home, with an innocent allure and a tired appearence.
The furious wife hits him in the face!
“What was that for my love?”
“Benny, tell your dad what that woman was saying on the phone!
“I remember her exact words. She said “the customer you are trying to reach is not available at this time”, please call again later…”

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