Valentine’s Day car crash. A spicy taste of a female lawyer :)

Right now, on Valentine’s day a female lawyer had a serious car crash, in colision with a man. The cars were wrecked, no reminescence of the elegant touch the manufacturers gave them. As they drag themselves out of the pile of metal ..

The female:
“You are a man and I am a woman.Look at our cars : there’s nothing left of them but yet we don’t even have a scratch. It was clearly God’s plan for us to encounter this way and become friends.
“I agree with you: it must be a sign.” The man answers smiling.

After a moment of silence she continues:
“Look at this: another sign! My car is destroyed yet the wine bottle is still intact. God must have meant for us to celebrate this unique chance to survive and meet”. She takes the bottle and hands it over to the man. He drinks and then passes it on the woman. She puts the cap back on it and gives it to the man.

“Will you not drink?”
“No, thanks! I think I’ll wait for the cops…”

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