How to get a rise in salary :)

A well known lawyer, after 30 years of glorious profession, is getting married with a beautiful young girl, as his talent and accomplishments. While the lawyer is gone with things to do, the young lady is approached in the center of the huge house from the edge of the town by Maria, the housekeeper: “Lady, I would like to respectfully please you to give me a rise in salary.”

Sick by the argumentation virus, the young lady is enjoying the arguments: “You well know that the mister is not throwing the money on the window. In addition to that, we are in economic crisis, is not the moment for rises in salary… Give me only one serious reason, why to give you a rise in salary?”
“I have three reasons, lady. The first is that I launder better the shirts than you…”
“Maria, what makes you think that?”
“The mister told me so.”

Confused, the lady is asking for the second reason.
“The second is that I cook better than you, is saying Maria…”
“But how did you get to this conclusion?”
“The mister told me so, lady…”
“Yeah… kindly answers the wife. And the third reason is?”
“Excuse me, the third reason is that… I make love better than you…”

The young wife said with anger:
“The mister told…?”
“No lady, the gardener told me so.”

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