Lawyer during the Lent :)

A lawyer gave in to the insistences of his wife to purify himself spiritually around the Easter Holidays, keeping a complete Lent.

The first two weeks was not difficult, the will of the lawyer was seen. The next two weeks, the wife dressed every night with the most ugly night shirt, always the same and ate some garlic before going to bed. Finally, the last two weeks of Lent was very bad… To hold him away, the wife didn’t allow him to sleep with her in bed, he sent him on the couch…

One morning of the Holy Week, around 5 o’clock, the wife is woke up by an easy knock at the door. It was the lawyer:
“Guess who is?”
“I know who is!”
“Guess what I want?”
“Oh, I know what you want!”
“Guess with what am I knocking?”

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