A lawyer went fishing :)

During the weekend, a lawyer and her husband go at fishing. While he likes fishing early in the morning, she loves reading.

After a few hours of fishing early in the morning, the husband, woke up very early, decides to take a nap, on the shore. Although the was not familiar to her, the lawyer decides to walk out on the lake with the fishing boat, alone.

She rows a little then she lets the boat leeway in the middle of the lake and resumes the reading. In short time the guard appears in his boat:
“Hello, how are you?”
“I’m reading, don’t you see?”
“Lady, you are in an area where the fishing is forbidden!”
“But I’m not fishing, don’t you see?”

Watching the fishing tools put in the boat, the guard said to her:
“Yes, but you have all you need! Please follow me, I have to fine you.

Irritated, the lawyer:
“If you do this, I will denounce you for rape!”
“But I even touched you!”
“Yes, but you have all you need…”

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