How a lawyer makes his wife love him :)

After he wins a difficult trial, the lawyer celebrates until late in the night the success with his client in a blessed local. At 3 A.M. he gets home in a special state: euphorically, quasi-conscious…

On Saturday morning he wakes up alone in his bed, with a terrible headache. He crawls, he washes his eyes, he looks in the mirror, he sees a black and blue eye… The house is very clean, smells good, the little table from the living room is missing, on the commode a wonderful rose bouquet and on the other commode a note from his wife: “My dear, I went to the market. I made sweet bread as you like, I let it in the oven to be warn, as you like. I love you!”

In the kitchen, their son is crunching almonds. The lawyer asks him what happened last night.
“I don’t remember anything…”
“Well…, you came drunk, you felt and you hurt your eye, you broke the little table from the living room, you yelled and you said heavy words to my mother. Mom got you in the bedroom and she laid you on the bed so that she could unclothe you, and when she pulled your pants you yelled: “Leave me alone… I’m married!”…

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