The access to the legislation of Romania – a problem

The  Romanian legislation Free and Complete: has launched a public appeal for the online free and  complete publication of Romanian legislation by the State. The institution of the Ombudsman is taking interest in this matter, asking for clarifications from the Official Gazette. * * * Wolters Kluwer launches Starting with the 1st of January 2012, Wolters Kluwer Romania launches is an advanced searching engine, for the users of, displaying over 240.000 court decisions integrated into the database, the possibility of organizing the favorite information and the viewing in perfect conditions on mobile devices. * * * The promotion to the High Court as a soap opera: The judge Horatius Dumbrava, the president of the SCM, said on Tuesday, the 3th of January 2012, in an interview for Adevarul, that: “The promotion to the High Court was a real soap opera, in which the guilt in the adoption of a transparent and objective mechanism of promotion coalesced, as well as the mutual blames, both the Ministry of Justice, on the one hand, and the SCM and the HCCJ”. * * * The Romanian Constitution reflected in the constitutional jurisprudence: The publisher Hamangiu publishes the paper work “The Romanian Constitution reflected in the constitutional jurisprudence”, author Tudorel Toader: a book that “distinguishes” the whole jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court, since 1992 until now, and extracts the solutions with special interpretative value. * * * Activity report of the vice president of the SCM: For the first time, a member of the leadership of the Superior Council of Magistracy, the prosecutor George Balan, presents an activity report on the initiatives and actions of his mandate. * * * The objectives of the Government in 2012: The prime minister Emil Boc presented on Wednesday, 4 of January 2012, the main objectives of the Government for this year. Among the objectives are: to continue the State reform in the following areas: health, education, labor and social benefits, fiscal, as well as State companies. Other objectives mentioned by the prime minister for 2012 are: continuing the fight to combat the tax evasion, supporting small and medium enterprises and the business environment. * * * NNDKP. New lawyer’s promotions: Three of the lawyers Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen were promoted to the position of senior associate: Mirela Gabriela Preda (mergers and acquisitions), Catalin Radbâţă (litigation) and Lucian Vitelaru (real estate). * * * Strategic objectives for the MJ in 2012: The minister Catalin Predoiu made, on Thurday, the 5th of January 2012, a press statement on the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Justice and the judiciary in 2012. * * * The new leadership of the SCM: The judge Alina Nicoleta Ghica is the new president of the Superior Council of Magistracy and the prosecutor Oana Andrea Schimdt-Haineala fulfills the position of vice president of the SCM.

Andreea Roxana TUDOROIU

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