Romania: bid round for mining exploration: geothermal, mineral water and other resources

On 19 August 2019, the National Agency for Mineral Resources (“NAMR”) published Order no. 294/6.08.2019 in the Romanian Official Gazette. The order approves the list concession areas forexploration activities and opens bidding round 99/2019 in the mining sector. The list of exploration activity concession areas includes: two areas of geothermal waters; four areas ofnatural mineral waters; one area of feldspar (pegmatite with feldspar); one area of coal; four areas of  lignite, four areas of dispersed and rare element minerals; three areas of sand and gravel; one area of magnesite rocks and one area of industrial tuff.

The bidding round is open to Romanian and foreign legal persons. Offers must be submitted in Romanian, in original and copy, and must comply with the requirements provided by the Norms for the application of the Mining Law 85/2003, approved by the Government Decision no. 1208/2003. For each perimeter included in the list approved by the Order 294, each offeror may submit a single offer. Alternative offers are not allowed.

Details about the bidding procedure and the exploration program can be obtained free of charge from the ANRM headquarters. Access to the geological data and bidder information will be made based on a written request, in compliance with applicable restrictions.

All of the submitted offers shall be classified as “professional secrecy documents” category. The deadline for submitting the offers is 24 September 2019. The offers will be opened at ANRM headquarters at 10 o’clock on 27 September 2019.

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