A prosecutor is retiring :)

A prosecutor with faith in God is retired, but he isn’t agreeing the idea of staying at home. So he got a job as
a guardian in a beautiful cemetery, clean, full of flowers and grass, civilized and ultra central placed.

While he was walking on the alley, enjoying the perfumed chill of the summer night, a skeleton got out from a luxurious crypt and scared the guardian, running after him on the alleys all around the cemetery. Before, near the fence, he lost the trail of the young retired. The skeleton aggressively climbed up the fence watching the lights and the town freedom, glad about what he could do.

From his back, with a hard paddle, bang, bang, bang, the guardian rattled the bones of the skeleton so he transformed in a clamp of bones… Hardly breathing, the retired prosecutor is saying to himself: we laugh, we make jokes, but we don’t leave the precinct.

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