A judge is giving a present :)

Barbie & KenAfter a meeting with a friend at Vitan Mall, a  judge visits a toy store, looking for a present for her daughter’s birthday. She asks the salesman:
“How much is the Barbie doll?”

The salesman, recognizing her from the court, answers:

“It depends… Which Barbie doll? We have: “Barbie at the gym” – 99 RON, “Barbie playing volley” – 99 RON, “Barbie at shopping” – 99 RON, “Barbie at the beach” – 99 RON, “Barbie at dancing” – 99 RON, “Barbie divorced” – 1.399 RON.

Amazed and a little irritated, the judge asks:
“But why each of the dolls is 99 RON, and “Barbie divorced” so much, it is too much!”

The salesman:
“Hmm… “Barbie divorced” has “Ken’s car”, “Ken’s house”, “Ken yacht”, “Ken’s helicopter”…

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